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Creative Mornings with David Allen

While explaining how Bebop Jazz and Hip Hop pushed against the grain of music at the time, David Allen provides his definition of Revolution as transposing a story into action. The Museum of Jazz and Art in Oakland will raise awareness of ‘preserving’ jazz history and is a great example of David’s transformation of music vocabulary into architectural expression.

Watch now:

Why Preserving Jazz History is Important?

We are struggling with the “seeds” of racism, uncontrollable prejudice and all the “Irrational Behavior” & incidents happening in our country. A Revolution is happening & its not the first time. Consider specific art forms such as Jazz Bebop Music as a revolution, Hip Hop Music as a revolution and the Museum of Jazz and Art’s design approach & programming as revolutionary. David will use the music and language of Jazz Bebop to design the museum and will discuss Harmony and Melody music vocabulary.


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