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Charrette: Jazz is our Story and a Conversation in Motion.

Introduction by Honorable Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Opening Address

We would like to thank all of you for participating in the Museum of Jazz and Art, first phase intensive Charrette or brainstorming session. This session was presented over several days that focused on a particular issue or problem of “how we plan to tell the Jazz story”.  The beginning of these Charrette sessions are very important and provide useful tools that will assist us in developing the right framework to support our ideas, mission, vision and values. 

We were happy to have the company BRC led by Christian Lachel, lead this effort and begin to take us on an immersive storytelling journey and experience. We can’t wait until the next phase. 

Special Thank you. 

We want to specially thank our Congresswoman Barbara Lee for her opening address and a few of our financial support sponsors namely, Kaiser Permanente-Greg Adams, CEO and his team, Community Bank of the Bay-William Keller, CEO, Beneficial State Bank-Kat Taylor Co-Founder and Allen Architectural Engineering and their Team (Grover Rudolph, Real Estate Development, Arrol Gellner Architect & Penelope Adibe, Assistant to the Board).  In addition, we must thank Lucas Museum CEO Sandra Jackson-Dumont for her early strategic input and Gary Dauphin Lucas Museum Technology expert, for his attendance.  Last but not least, we wrap our arms around Smithsonian’s Director of Jazz Masters Collective, Kenneth Kimery for his attendance and participation, local jazz Harpist Destiny Mohamed, local multi- instrumentalist and Vocalist Leisei Chen (founding MOJA Musician Advisory Board), Eric Arnold MOJA's Community Liaison and local Cultural Historian and Mike Charlasch former SFJazz Marketing Director and principal of Morphist Marketing, Ethan Alexander (Leadership Executive in the CRM technology world).

We can’t forget about Dennis Barrie, this gentleman has developed innovative museums, including the International Spy Museum, The Mob Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. And let’s not forget this Cat who always reminds me of his quote “…how long can you hang?”  William Thomason III who made early critical introductions that may have been the most important factor in sustaining MOJA.  

We could not have moved forward with this critical phase without ALL of your time and valuable input. 

We are surely moving forward in the Spirit of Swing !

David Allen, Board Chair

Terry Stewart, Vice Chair 

Brian Jenkins, Board Member 


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